The Mission

Mind Over Matter Holistic Healing LLC is a small personal business, offering 100% all natural, handmade herbal products. These products are made for the sole purpose of penetrating the mind, body, and spirit. Gaia (the earth) provides us with medicine at our footsteps. Medicine, that our ancestors studied and used to treat all ailments. My mission is to reveal that the energy from the sun, which fuels the earth, is the same energy that can heal us through the use of herbal remedies. I seek to accomplish this goal by using natural, safe, non-toxic ingredients to create products you can be proud to gift to family and friends,and use on your skin. 

Founder Story

My name is Mie-Ling Buford, I am the Founder and Owner of Mind Over Matter Holistic Healing LLC. Throughout my life I have witnessed multiple families, and family members, make countless doctors visits. As well as spend days admitted to the hospital. In seeing this, it fueled my flame of interest in the world of healing. I knew herbs had once been used in ancient history to heal colonies; I mean that is where the ideas for most of our big pharm medications come from, right? So why not erect past practices and implement them in my life today. As I read and studied different herbs, I began to share my discoveries with family and friends. I wanted to find ways to help my family refrain from using medication distributed by pharmacies. Those who knew of my interest would ask me to make them things here and there, later sharing their findings with others. I eventually started making my version of "staple products" (June 2018), and that is when everything changed. Thus the birth of Mind Over Matter Holistic Healing LLC (March 2019). I believe that healing first starts from within. Our current circumstances are manifested by our daily thoughts. So why should your health be looked at any different? 

When using these products, I hope you will keep in Mind what it is you want out of the product. What would you like it to do for you? Clear your Mind...take a deep breath... set good, positive intentions...and allow the product to aid you in your time of need!


Mie-Ling Buford